Non-standard is the standard.

“Every academic and social expectation I had was surpassed. My
daughter emerged as a lifelong learner and a good citizen in our
– Parent of a 5th grade student
Elementary school at Meyer Prep offers a leading edge curriculum bolstered by an interdisciplinary approach, project-based learning, and differentiated instruction.

First through 5th grade students experience innovation and technology integration in every phase of learning
. Using the latest in-classroom engagement methods, teachers work to identify your child’s burgeoning natural gifts and interests, focusing on individualized teaching tools to reach the highest potential.

In the Cohn Innovation Lab, students learn robotics, coding, use and application of engineering software, and design and develop 
projects concept to realization. Here, curriculum meets exploration. In our “open world classrooms” Skype, pen pals and virtual field trips take your child around the globe engaging them with interesting people and places.
Your child’s ability in math, science and literacy grows as we challenge and nurture the learner and natural learning style. Meyer Prep students routinely out perform their peers.

Elementary Curriculum

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  • MATH

    Counting, cardinality, geometry, measurement, data, numbers and operations and algebraic thinking are all explored in this spiraling curriculum where learning is spread out over time rather than being concentrated in shorter periods. Material is revisited repeatedly over months and across grades. This spiral approach creates more robust pathways for recalling information. Multiple, strategically spaced and strategically progressing learning experiences produce deeper, more conceptual learning. Games are an integral part of the program in order to replace boring skill-and-drill type activities.

    The reading workshop model (mini lesson, read aloud, independent reading and conferencing, guided reading, response reflection, and sharing) allows teachers to differentiate and meet the needs of all of their students. Reading Workshop helps to foster a love of reading and gives students chances to practice reading strategies independently and with guidance.

    Using a Science “techbook” from Discovery Science, students engage in hands-on activities, virtual labs, and technology while delving into the scientific themes of Earth and space science, life science and physical science.

    Through a Project Based Learning approach, students explore and investigate American History, government, economics and geography, working on long-term multidisciplinary projects that are structured around rich, real world, and relevant research questions. This engaging method develops students' skills in investigation, collaboration, communication, time management, organization, and use of real-world technology.

    Each student in the class is a working author using the Writer’s Workshop approach. Students engage in a variety of genres, including opinion/argument, information, and narrative writing with increasing complexity and sophistication. Instead of spending the majority of class time on spelling tests, grammar worksheets, handwriting practice and other isolated sub-skills of writing, Writer’s Workshop is designed to emphasize the act of writing itself.
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