Judaic Studies

These are the ties that bind.

The Hebrew and Judaic Studies curriculum is directly tied into the life of every student. It aligns perfectly with our philosophy including International Baccalaureate®. The courses sharpen critical thinking skills, fuel self awareness and international-mindedness. They provide a context for what we believe, how we act, and why being an honorable person is so important. These are the lessons of community and character that help make the mensch.
Meyer Prep provides your child the knowledge and positive reinforcement of identity, values and traditions. Developing Jewish identity and a love of Judaism are important aspects of our entire education mission.
Your child gains an understanding and appreciation of Jewish history, holidays, laws, customs, oral and written traditions, ceremonies, prayers as well as the history, role and geography of Israel.
Concluding your child’s 8th grade year and Meyer Prep formal education is the life-changing spring trip to Israel. Here, your child shines with independence, maturity, curiosity and kindness. Traveling abroad while applying acquired knowledge of self, our traditions and the people of Israel, these soon-to-be-graduates use their language skills and showcase their informed worldview. This is the last step before the next big step, entrance into the high school of their choosing.
While the Israel trip signifies the end of the Meyer Prep Education, the Meyer Prep experience lasts a lifetime as it is passed from generation to generation.

Hebrew Languange

The global language of the Jewish people.

Meyer Prep uses an immersion program. The spiral curriculum is taught by native Israelis. Hebrew is taught primarily in Hebrew. Like
every aspect of our curriculum, Hebrew is learner-centered, focusing on your child’s natural learning style. Developing the capacity to learn
Hebrew language structures enables your child to learn other world languages more readily.

The Hebrew online program for middle school students, iHebrew, focuses on acquisition of high-level spoken skills and required language
skills, including reading, writing and comprehension. Beginning with the class of 2017, our rigorous IB middle school Hebrew curriculum language acquisition will translate into high school credit for a second language for up to two years, Hebrew I for the 7th grade year and Hebrew II for the 8th grade year. 

Kindergarten Hebrew lessons open your child’s mind and heart to their Jewish identity. It is here that the foundation is laid for all future
Hebrew study and application.

In Kindergarten, the elementary and upper schools, Hebrew language is taught using a multi-modal approach. Simply put, the more ways
your child learns Hebrew the more it will be retained and applied. Hebrew is taught as both a modern, living language and a historic language.
Hebrew is fundamental to authentic learning and understanding of
Jewish heritage and serves as a gateway to traditional Jewish texts
and prayers. It connects your child to the history, culture and modern
State of Israel. It prepares your child for leadership within the Jewish
and wider communities.
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