Newest Meyer Student Brings Israel into the Classroom

With a focus on global citizenship, world cultures, and the interaction between people, our Meyer Prep Middle School IB students had the opportunity to hear first hand about life in Israel and the challenges of the 72-year-old state. On Friday, 7th grader, Elad E. shared his experiences growing up and living in Nes Tziyona, a small city in the center of Israel.

During language and literature class, Elad read aloud his personal narrative reflecting on his experience living through Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014. His beautifully crafted composition enhanced his classmates' knowledge about the history and neighbors of the land. Later, during Hebrew class, Elad shared a presentation reflecting the culture and traditions of Israeli life. After the talk and a robust question and answer session, students headed outside to learn and play Israeli games and try some popular Israeli snacks.

Staff Spotlight - Carrie Davis

We love our Meyer Prep Faculty and Staff! We look forward to introducing you to a new staff member each week so that you can see the dedicated, smiling faces of Meyer Prep.

This week, meet Mrs. Carrie Davis who teaches 4th and 5th Grade math and 4th Grade science and social studies.

Here are some fun facts about Mrs. Davis:

Where are you from?

I was born in Flushing, New York, and I grew up in Whitestone, New York.

What is something you love to do outside of school?

Outside of school, I like to watch movies and TV, as well as travel. Unfortunately, I have not been able to participate in these activities recently, except for watching movies and TV. The best travel memories I have are going on cruises.

What is one of your personal goals?

One of my personal goals and my dream is to become a children's author.

Where's your 'happy place'?

My "happy place" is not even a real place... But I feel happiest knowing that my two sons are happy since they are my world.

What is something your students might not know about you?

I think my spirit animal is a tiger. As a young child, I used to carry a tiger stuffed animal with me wherever I went, feeling protected.🐯

PTO Chanukah in a Box

Bring extra fun, light, and love to your home with this holiday box filled with Chanukah crafts and goodies for the whole family! Bake delicious cookies with your family with the recipe and cookie cutters, sing Chanukah blessings and songs, guided by the song sheet, light your home with the glow of Chanukah candles, play traditional holiday games with the dreidel and gelt and enjoy fun surprises included to make this Chanukah shine!! Purchase your Chanukah in a Box at the PTO store for $50 by clicking here. Supplies are limited and we will sell out! Click here for more information.

Middle School iHebrew Program

Our IB Middle School students are learning Hebrew with a special program: iHebrew, an innovative, interactive, and research-based program, using 21st-century technology developed in Israel. The iHebrew program includes video clips, audio recordings, built-in structured exercises, virtual flashcards, Israeli songs, and Quizlet activities. Through the videos and the different activities, the students are not only learning Hebrew but also expanding their horizons about the Israeli culture. The students are enjoying the different activities, especially acting up the different dialogues.

New Student & Parent Directory

The student and parent directory in the PlusPortal has been activated. Now, when you log in, you will be able to see the contact information of your child's classmates. Here are the directions for accessing your grade-level directory: After logging into the PlusPortal, click on “Directory” in the purple toolbar. Once in the directory, choose “Student Directory” and then choose grade level to find your child’s class list.

How to Opt-Out: You can opt out of being in the directory by clicking on your name, and in the drop-down menu there is "Directory Listing" - if you click on that you can then uncheck the box "List my information in the school directory". Click on your name, then “Directory Listing”. Uncheck the box “list my information in the school directory”, or choose which items you would like to be excluded from the directory.

Staff Spotlight - Lindsey Best

We love our Meyer Prep Faculty and Staff! We look forward to introducing you to a new staff member each week so that you can see the dedicated, smiling faces of Meyer Prep.

This week, meet Mrs. Lindsey Best. Mrs. Best is our Meyer Prep 1st Grade teacher.

Here are some fun facts about Mrs. Best:

Where are you from?

I am from Long Island, New York

What is something you love to do outside of school?

Outside of school, I love to go for bike rides & go shopping.

What is one of your personal goals?

I think it would be really great to practice meditation a couple of days a week.

Where's your 'happy place'?

The Beach is my happy place.  love to set up a blanket facing the water and just enjoy the beautiful blue ocean!

What is something your students might not know about you?

My favorite number is 13 and on Sundays, I love to watch football games! 🏈

Kindergarteners Use Visuals to Practice Hebrew Vocabulary

Learning Hebrew in Kindergarten is so exciting! The students have Hebrew flashcards and when Morah Tova says the Hebrew word they show and say the Hebrew words.  Practicing with these visual tools is helping them to learn so many new words!

IB Middle School Students Celebrated at Publishing Party

Did someone say 'party'?!? Mrs. Steinbock did when she transformed her language and literature class into a celebratory space with fairy lights and streamers to recognize our 7th and 8th Grade writers for their hard work. This 'Publishing Party' was designed to provide our authors with an authentic audience and celebrate the culmination of our first formal writing unit.

Our middle schoolers started this experience by reading model narratives, identifying the strengths of the pieces and qualities of the genre, and comparing/contrasting this structure to essay writing. Then it was time to get down to creating! Students brainstormed their ideas and planned out individual story arcs. Mrs. Steinbock guided our writers as they determined the appropriate point of view for narration, developed their plots with conflict, added dialogue, and revised by strengthening the quality of their sentences and enhancing their vocabulary. After self-checking their work alongside the writing rubric, they each had a peer edit their writing.

Clearly, there was much to celebrate! Students snacked, listened to their peers read their narratives, and provided clear and meaningful feedback.  Click here to see more photos of our publishing party. Our 6th Graders are currently working on their narratives...stay tuned...another Publishing Party is on the horizon!

Virtual Family Sukkot Celebration

Our Sukkot Zoom Celebration was a HUGE success. The Meyer Prep family celebrated Sukkot from their homes and sukkahs during this special night that brought our community together. We enjoyed playing Family Feud with Rabbi Yosef and we all created edible sukkahs... and then ate them! Meyer Prep is so grateful to have had the opportunity to share the simcha together. Thank you to Mrs. Lowenstein for leading us. Thank you also to everyone who attended our Sukkot Zoom event!

Click here for more 2020 Sukkot Celebration photos.

Chag Sukkot Sameach!

family sukkot celebrations

4th Grade Students Build Family Sukkahs

Fourth Grade students had a family project for their Jewish Studies classes. Students worked to build miniature kosher sukkahs! This fun project brought families together to build a beautiful sukkah in celebration of the holiday. See the collage below to see some of their beautiful sukkahs!